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How to find my blog on the ‘Net

Filed under: Wordpress — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 17:55

Everybody who has a blog here at know all about the stats that you can get about your blog. I personally find it a bit amusing to see what search engine terms people use to get here.

Just now I took a peek and I saw that somebody reached my blog by typing the following query:

Pictures of animals doing odd things

What? I wondered how the hell somebody could have got here with a query like that. So I tried it myself in Google, and this blog was the second result! Oh, great, now my blog will be hammered by people looking for the raccoon counterpart of Dan Quayle..

Anyways, to all you people out there who get to my blog looking for pictures of animals doing odd things, get a dog and wait for the damn mutt to sniff your ass. Keep a friend with a camera around to take a few shots, and there you go. You now have your pictures.

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