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RSSOwl on Debian Etch

Filed under: Debian, Software — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 22:35

If you would like to try RSSOwl on Debian etch, here is a quick how to get it running:

First, download the RSSOwl package (the latest stable at the time of writing was 1.2.3). Next, become root and create a directory for rssowl (I used /usr/local/rssowl). Extract the archive into this directory. In summary:

# mkdir /usr/local/rssowl
# cd /usr/local/rssowl
# tar zxf /home/lorenzod/downloads/rssowl_1_2_3_linux_bin.tar.gz

Next create a launcher script called /usr/local/bin/rssowl. Add the following lines to it:

#! /bin/sh

export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/xulrunner
cd /usr/local/rssowl

(You may have found posts similar to this one. They may have told you to set MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME to /usr/lib/mozilla or something similar. Well, don’t.)

Finally make sure you have the required dependencies installed. First of all you will need Gtk2. It’s very likely that you have it because it’s getting very difficult not to get it installed (trust me, I’ve tried). You will also need to have Iceweasel.

That should be it. Open up a shell and type rssowl and it should start. If it doesn’t you are probably missing some dependency. Read the error message. It can probably guide you.

If, after trying it for a while, you feel that RSSOwl is not for you then try this:

# aptitude install raggle

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