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DotG: Another Dungeon Master clone

Filed under: Computer Games — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 03:26

If you are into open source (or, if you prefer, free software) and games then you should know about Free Gamer, an excellent blog dedicated to open source games. It really is a good blog that I have learned a lot from. If you don’t read Free Gamer already then I suggest you start doing so.

It is quite interesting really. I recently wrote a post about Dungeon Master, and now Free Gamer has a post out about Damnation of the Gods, yet another Dungeon Master clone. The project aims to be a Dungeon Master clone “with lots of extra features” (which could be good or bad, depending on what those features are).

The game looked interesting so I downloaded it and set about to compile. The game doesn’t use any auto(conf|make), so it’s just a matter of selecting a makefile and typing make. Or at least it should be. I had a lot of errors trying to compile this thing, and it took quite some time to fix it all. Thankfully most of the errors were fairly straightforward.

A tip here is to run make inside vim. That way, anytime there is an error, vim will open up the source file and jump to the line where the error occurred. Very handy! Just read the error message and it will give you a good clue about what is wrong.

Eventually I had managed to get everything compiled and I was ready to try the game out. Instead of seeing a nice Dungeon Master clone I got a segfault. Go figure! After all that work.. And I was too tired to start debugging it as well. Too bad, because it looks like it could be a really nice game.

I will get back to Damnation of the Gods eventually. I’ll debug it until I get it to run. Then I’ll post what I did in case anybody else is interested in trying to compile it. In the meantime, to those of you who have managed to get it running, tips are always welcome. 🙂

Sadly it seems like the project is dead. The last release, 0.17, was made in September 2005. Then again, “dead” is of course an interesting concept. This is an open source game. The source code is available on Sourceforge. If anybody is interested, you could always contact the original developer and ask about the game. Maybe the game just needs contributors to move forward. It could also be that the original developer has lost interest in the game (that happens from time to time), in which case you could ask to take over.

There are a lot of games that are no longer actively developed. I happen to meet a lot of people who say their dream is to get into games programming. Well, here is an excellent opportunity. Take Damnation of the Gods, or any other open source game that seems abandoned, contact the developers and let them know that you would like to resurrect the game. I’m talking games here but of course the same applies to any open source project, just in case games isn’t your cup of tea.


  1. Hi!

    I’m sorry to see that you have had such problems making DotG run – and it is true, it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. Now however – development has started again – there is stuff uploaded on the sourceforge site and should be easier to compile now. Check out the homepage and the faq section there for some info, or feel free to email me for info. The reason for the long delay is that I am using stuff that I shouldn’t be, and I am looking for new graphics to replace that. (I have been looking for an email to contact you, but havn’t been successful unfortunately.) You’re from Sweden by the way? Anyway – Feel free to send me an email!

    Comment by bhagabhi — 2007.07.29 @ 20:40

  2. Cool! Downloading it right now..

    Svensk? Jag?? Er.. Jo men visst!

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2007.07.30 @ 00:03

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