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Back in Wesnoth

Filed under: Computer Games — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 11:55

I have begun play Batte for Wesnoth again. This time I’m challenging myself to recruit as little as possible. As an initial test I was able to complete the first episode of “The South Guard” (on easy level to begin with) without recruiting any units. It wasn’t really difficult either. Of course I did get those two merman warriors which you can find by the river. Maybe I’ll try without them next time (not that I really used them in battle much).

The benefit of doing this is that your loyal units will get much more battle exposure and thereby be able to advance quicker. Since they are loyal they don’t cost you too much either. This means that you store up more money for the times when you really need it.

Playing the game this way might help you work on your strategy. I can think of a few things. You really have to protect your injured units in a different way (somebody will always be low on health) as well as making sure somebody is kept fresh for battle at all times. In addition to that, I noticed that I paid much more attention to the day/cycle, retreating when evening comes and charging ahead when day breaks. Finally, under normal circumstances I’m quite lazy about positioning my units. But when you don’t have many units you take your time to position a unit so that he cannot be attacked by more enemies than he can handle at a time.

I expect to be able to play episode 2 (Proven by the Sword) as well without recruiting a single unit. After that I may have to recruit one or two. We’ll see.

Right now I’m busy aptitude installing wesnoth-server as well as installing wesnoth on my friend’s machine. This evening we will try to play multi-player. I wonder if I can get somebody else to come over and join in as well..

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