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..Can I sleep now?

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The last two weeks have been too hectic. I’ve been programming pretty much around the clock. But finally I was able to hg commit. Now I’m going to take a day or two to rest before I get back to my normal routines. I definitely need to spend some time with my kids. They’ve been complaining of late they hardly ever see me. Maybe I should take them to Accra Zoo. Last time they were there they had stories to tell me for about three weeks.

It’s odd, how can programming be so much fun when you work on your own stuff, and so boring when you are developing for a client? I guess because clients only need boring applications. I never had a customer come up and tell me “yeah, you know, in order to increase our productivity we’d really need an RPG developed. We’d like the world to be loosely based on Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Or, think Bard’s Tale. Think Dungeon Master. Think your very own world with its own rules..” No, instead I get stuck working on “business applications”. Bah, humbug!

Well, now I can hopefully get back to writing my pygame tutorial. Expect something in a few days time (after I’ve slept away those funny things hanging down under my eyes that make me look like I’m 75).


  1. I agree, programming for clients can be a nightmare sometimes. They turn to give you all the pressure in the world to have their app finished yesterday whiles they keep changing ideas,specification,features.

    Anyways, I have to shut up because they keep me going by the small cash they pay, even getting the cash is a whole different story altogether.

    Comment by eyedol — 2007.06.22 @ 11:44

  2. Yeah, what really gets me is when they put loads of pressure on you to get the job done quickly. But when you deliver they don’t want to pay.

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2007.06.23 @ 13:01

  3. Can I say “keep things rhythmic as well?”

    Comment by Dave — 2007.07.03 @ 17:59

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