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Now why…

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.. am I not surprised?


Classics converted

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By accident, I stumbled upon this page, which has remakes of quite a few goodies. Needless to say, I started downloading a playing. The remake of Head over Heels brought back so many memories that I even had to spill a tear or two. Playing Jet Set Willy in Linux was… er.. interesting!

This got me searching and I found a few other sites dedicated to converting classic (mostly 8-bit games) to moder architectures. Here are a few that might get you started.

I knew about xrick, a clone of Rick Dangerous, already, and a few others, but I didn’t have a clue that there were so many people into remakes.

Sadly there are some games missing, and some that only exist for Windows. I found both Bruce Lee and Monty on the Run for Windows. Would love to see Linux versions of those games. I also found a Trailblazer clone, but again, no Linux version. 😦

I’ve put together a little wish-list for games I’d love to get a hold of Linux versions for.

  1. Kung-Fu Master: ideally with a remix of the original music and all the bugs from the original (I hear there is a Linux version, but where?)
  2. Way of the Exploding Fist: sure, IK was better, but the Fist came first!
  3. Bruce Lee: that would be a serious trip down memory lane.
  4. Monty on the Run: with original music, please!
  5. Who Dares Wins: another game I played quite a bit

Then there’s this car game I used to play. Must have been one of the really early C-64 games. All I can remember is that at the beginning of the game your car backs out of a truck that then speeds off. I also remember that there is a place in the game where you switch over to controlling a speed boat. But, I cannot remember the name of the game itself.. 😦

Hm.. While we’re at it, how about Linux versions of some of those old Game&Watch games like Oil Panic, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., etc?

All of a sudden I beginning to remember a whole bunch of other games I used to play. I think I better end this right here otherwise I will get into games like Pirates, Zelda, Elite and go on forever..

DotG: Not dead, actually

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If you check out the comment section of my previous post about Damnation of the Gods, you will notice that the project is not dead. If you go a step further and visit the project site you will find that there is some fresh code there for your compiling pleasure. This time it compiles without a glitch (assuming, that is, that you have all the requirements installed).

I gave the game a quick try, and although there is not all that much there at the moment, it does look promising. I can’t explain how much I’d love to see a game that gives me that same feeling that I had when playing the original Dungeon Master. It would have to be a game with decent graphics (by today’s standards), some new ideas, but still true to the original. I don’t see why DotG couldn’t be that game..

As you can see on the project site, the developer is looking for contributors. If you are into graphics, why not give the project a hand? Also, the build system could use a helping hand or two. According to this page, programmers are also welcome.

I think I might see if I can offer a few of my fingers to the project. Not as an artist, however, that would make the graphics look worse than Parkeringsterror (A Swedish Pacman clone with a twist) for the VIC-20..


It’s a boy!

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At around 22:00 on Sunday, 15th July, my second son, Carmine Kwesi Danielsson was born. He’s a healthy little guy. Ama is also fine. Enrique and Vanessa seem really happy about their new brother, although Vanessa has shown a few signs of jealousy.

I’m glad it’s finally over. I hate waiting. And worrying. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels for the expecting mother who will definitely be more worried and also has the burden of actually carrying the child as well. And I thought being a daddy the third time around was going to be a walk in the park..

Now we’re back to sleepless nights, feeding bottles and drowning in diapers, again! Oh, I just love being a dad.. 😀

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