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Classics converted

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By accident, I stumbled upon this page, which has remakes of quite a few goodies. Needless to say, I started downloading a playing. The remake of Head over Heels brought back so many memories that I even had to spill a tear or two. Playing Jet Set Willy in Linux was… er.. interesting!

This got me searching and I found a few other sites dedicated to converting classic (mostly 8-bit games) to moder architectures. Here are a few that might get you started.

I knew about xrick, a clone of Rick Dangerous, already, and a few others, but I didn’t have a clue that there were so many people into remakes.

Sadly there are some games missing, and some that only exist for Windows. I found both Bruce Lee and Monty on the Run for Windows. Would love to see Linux versions of those games. I also found a Trailblazer clone, but again, no Linux version. 😦

I’ve put together a little wish-list for games I’d love to get a hold of Linux versions for.

  1. Kung-Fu Master: ideally with a remix of the original music and all the bugs from the original (I hear there is a Linux version, but where?)
  2. Way of the Exploding Fist: sure, IK was better, but the Fist came first!
  3. Bruce Lee: that would be a serious trip down memory lane.
  4. Monty on the Run: with original music, please!
  5. Who Dares Wins: another game I played quite a bit

Then there’s this car game I used to play. Must have been one of the really early C-64 games. All I can remember is that at the beginning of the game your car backs out of a truck that then speeds off. I also remember that there is a place in the game where you switch over to controlling a speed boat. But, I cannot remember the name of the game itself.. 😦

Hm.. While we’re at it, how about Linux versions of some of those old Game&Watch games like Oil Panic, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., etc?

All of a sudden I beginning to remember a whole bunch of other games I used to play. I think I better end this right here otherwise I will get into games like Pirates, Zelda, Elite and go on forever..


  1. Spy Hunter is the game with the game.
    You know, great things happen when video game authors keep the “Intellectual Property” for their work and release it to public domain later. Take a look at Starcon 2. It has been converted to the wonderful Ur’Quan Masters because gamers petitioned the author of this classic game and he still had rights over his work. Now there are versions of the game for just about every version of Linux. I can even run it on my 64-bit system! (I think it was originally a 16-bit game!!) Much like our other culture being taken away from us by corporations, the ability for video games and other art to pass into public domain is a great benefit for society. There is no more money to be made by keeping these old games locked up (except for charging museum admittance), so why not let the authors distribute the source code after 14 years, as originally intended by copyright law?

    By the way, check out Linux Gaming World website for modern commercial Linux games. Let’s get started building a video game industry we can remember on the Linux operating systems. It starts with gamers choosing to buy games that support Linux! Good luck on the site, and congratulations on Carmine.

    Comment by eagle — 2007.07.30 @ 17:39

  2. Of course! Oh, Spy Hunter, how could I have forgot?

    I agree with you fully on the rest of your comment. I think its fair that a software house gets to make their profits. Once that time has passed, the code can go to the community.

    I don’t mind buying games. I even remember buying a few games for the Amiga, not because I couldn’t get a pirated copy, but because I liked the game and *wanted* the developers to get paid. Much the same way that I may choose to make a donation to an open source project out of my own free will simply because I use and like the software the project is developing.

    Oh by the way, Carmine says “Hi” (or at least “Waaah!”) 😉

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2007.07.30 @ 19:27

  3. I just love a cool classic car like a convertible Cutlass. I see them all the time in movies and TV now.

    Comment by Retro — 2007.08.29 @ 05:24

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