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DotG: Not dead, actually

Filed under: Computer Games — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 01:14

If you check out the comment section of my previous post about Damnation of the Gods, you will notice that the project is not dead. If you go a step further and visit the project site you will find that there is some fresh code there for your compiling pleasure. This time it compiles without a glitch (assuming, that is, that you have all the requirements installed).

I gave the game a quick try, and although there is not all that much there at the moment, it does look promising. I can’t explain how much I’d love to see a game that gives me that same feeling that I had when playing the original Dungeon Master. It would have to be a game with decent graphics (by today’s standards), some new ideas, but still true to the original. I don’t see why DotG couldn’t be that game..

As you can see on the project site, the developer is looking for contributors. If you are into graphics, why not give the project a hand? Also, the build system could use a helping hand or two. According to this page, programmers are also welcome.

I think I might see if I can offer a few of my fingers to the project. Not as an artist, however, that would make the graphics look worse than Parkeringsterror (A Swedish Pacman clone with a twist) for the VIC-20..

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