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Henry’s new laptop

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So today Henry finally got his new Mac PowerBook Pro. Needless to say, we spent an hour or two drooling over some the visual coolness of it.

After a while, a few issues did show up. First of all, iChat is butt-ugly. I can’t stand those call-outs. There’s no way to de-uglify it either. Also any time we tried to recieve video in iChat it crashed.

Then it seems iTunes can’t play Ogg files, at least not by default. What? That just sucks.

Overall Leopard looks neat, but it’s not a stable as you might expect from Apple. Maybe they should ask the Woz to get back into OS development again. All they’d have to give him is pen and paper, and I think Apple could afford that. They could even claim the money back by telling Woz that they sold fewer Macs than they actually did.

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  1. Leopard is kinda unstable. Well I just did some updates this morning, let see how it goes.

    Mac is a cool machine to get hold of. I can feel the transition from a PC user to a Mac user. I miss my regular right clicks. If I want a right click, I need to hold down ctrl + click yuck! that is too much work.

    Now I miss my regular aptitude install. If i want to do some installation, I need to go hunt from the web, wait for it to finish downloading , drag into an Application folder and boom it is installed. Sounds simple right? No its too much work.

    Can’t get java6 😦 , I’m stuck with java1.5.
    Anyway let me stop here and get back to my clicks before I flood up Lorenzo’s blog.

    Comment by Henry Addo — 2007.12.16 @ 09:21

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