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The only thing I don’t like about Opera (the browser)

Filed under: Software — Tags: , , , , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 12:48

Although I have Firef.. um.., Iceweasel [ 😦 ] on my system, I tend to use Opera most of the time (at least when I need a graphical browser).

It’s a nice browser, does what I need it to, and is much more lightweight than Firefox. It also seems to render pages much faster. The few times when I hit a site that does not render well on Opera, I can always switch to Firefox for that particular site.

However, there one thing that does get to me. I have the following bindings set up in ~/.fluxbox/keys:

Mod4 G :Exec setxkbmap -layout gh -variant ga
Mod4 S :Exec setxkbmap -layout se -variant nodeadkeys
Mod4 U :Exec setxkbmap -layout us

These bindings allow me quickly to switch between American English, Swedish and Ga keyboard layouts. This works well in *every* single application I use, except for Opera. Rxvt handles it, Gvim handles it, Firefox handles it, Zim handles it, so why not Opera? Opera just keeps printing [, and ; even when I have Swedish keyboard selected and would expect å, ä and ö.

I wonder if it is a Qt thing? I don’t really use many Qt applications, and Opera would be the only one where I need to switch between different keyboard layouts. I’m using Opera 9.5beta, but have had the same issue with previous versions.

It’s too bad, because apart from that I’m happy with Opera. But, why, why, can’t I use standard tools and expect Opera to behave like everything else? Opera developers, for next year’s Yule, could you *please* fix this minor dent in you browser?

Oh, yeah, I got *inspired* to write this because I had to type a post in Swedish and had to go through the type-characte-rselect-switch-to-opera-middle-click hell once more! 😦

Oh, and lest I forget: Happy Yule to all!

Edit: see my next post for a solution and why Opera is not to be blamed.

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