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Rbcatcher 0.0.1

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In a recent post, I mentioned that I have been using hpodder for all my podcatching needs. Of course, just as I had finished praising it, it decided to fail me, as I tried adding this podcast.

Hpodder incorrectly thinks the eposides of The History of Rome are mp3 files, so it starts tagging them up with id3 tags. But these are not mp3 files, so the files get corrupted. I had never had this problem before because all the podcasts I have been subscribed to have used mp3 files.

There is a bug report about it on the hpodder site, but it seems development of hpodder has stagnated. I had a quick look at the code, and I’m sure I could have figured out where hpodder injects the id3 tags and remove those lines. But, I’m not fluent in Haskell (at least not yet). I also took a look at bashpodder and some of its derivates but, although they are cool, they don’t work the way I want. Most of the other alternatives where GUI clients, which I emphatically do not want.

So I decided to roll my own. I used Ruby, SQLite and wget. In just a day I have been able to come up with something that I can use. It’s still very rough around the edges, but for most parts it does what I need it to. It works very similar to hpodder. I have even used the same command set. I also took the liberty to add a few extensions such as episode priority.

The great part is that it works exactly the way *I* want which leads me to one of issues right now. Rbcatcher is not very configurable, to say the least. Most of the settings are hard-coded into the script. I hope to change that. I need more people to test it and give me feedback. If you’re interested in a console-based podcatcher, let me know! I don’t have anywhere to host the code at the moment, but I’ll ask around a bit.

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  1. Damn that was impressive. Just one day?

    Comment by Henry Addo — 2007.12.29 @ 20:24

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