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Why I keep using fluxbox

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I’ve been using fluxbox for quite a number of years now. Before I discovered fluxbox I had mainly been using fvwm, Window Maker and blackbox, of course.

I love fvwm. It really is amazing in many ways. But, it’s very easy to end up spending all your time playing around with fvwm manager itself and not getting any time left over for other things. That’s what eventually drove me away. In short, fvwm turns into an addiction.

I used Window Maker almost exclusively for a few years. I found it an enjoyable window manager. However, gradually I began using blackbox (which I didn’t particularly like at first) more and more. And when fluxbox arrived I began using it and never really looked back.

If I were asked, I would probably not call fluxbox my favorite window manager. Fvwm or possibly Enlightenment would probably fill that spot. But, in half a day, you will have done all the configuration you will ever need to do with fluxbox, and then it just stays out of your way and lets you get on with what you have to do.

I have used the same style (mussel, can’t remember where I found it), for at least a few years now. Don’t see any reason to change it. I have hand-crafted my menu to contain only the applications I want there. I have keybindings to launch all the important applications (rxvt, mutt, irssi, etc). All in all, my configuration is such that I have to use the mouse relatively little, which makes me happy.

I tried using openbox for a while, but the fact that it uses XML for its configuration files really put me off.

Of course I have also played around a bit with a few of the desktop environments. The only one that seems interesting to me is GNUStep. KDE is, er.. a mess (sorry, but that is my personal opinion), and Gnome is sort of neat in a way but brain-dead (again, personal opinion) at the same time and way too clunky for me to use regularly. I guess Xfce is kind of neat as well, but I’ve never really taken the time to get to know it well.

Since I spend about 95% of my computer time using a terminal and a text editor (vim), desktop environments really aren’t my thing. I rarely use a graphical file manager. If I ever do need one, Rox filer does everything I could ever need.

So, since I use it almost every day, and it rarely annoys me, I’ve got to give thanks to all the people behind fluxbox.

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  1. Fluxbox is awesome. It is very stable, fast to load, and just stays out of your way. Not to mention the tabs. I love tabs.

    Comment by manpage — 2008.05.09 @ 00:53

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