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ScrapBook, a Firefox extension

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ScrapBook is a Firefox extension that allows you to save web pages. This is really cool, especially if you happen to be somebody that does not always have on-line access. ScrapBook also works well with the Firefox 3.0 betas.

Actually ScrapBook does alot more than just save web pages. But already there it is useful for me. While I am on-line, I usually don’t have time to read all the pages that I find. So I need to store them locally. Later when I get home (where I’m not connected) I can read the documents that ScrapBook has saved for me. ScrapBook also allows me to categorize those pages into “folders”.

Opera, which is a wonderful browser, as well as Konqueror have the ability so save pages as “web archives” which contains not only the page itself, but also the CSS and images that are linked from the page. ScrapBook also gives me a sidebar that I can use to organize and browse through my saved pages.

I use ScrapBook for another thing as well. Very often I find pages that I may need access to for a limited period of time, say a few days or weeks. I don’t really like bookmarking such pages because I tend to bookmark sites, not individual pages. Also I don’t like messing up my bookmarks (I’ve spent a lot of time organizing and re-organizing them). I used to have a bookmark category called ‘tmp’ where I stored temporary bookmarks. I’ve done away with that since I discovered ScrapBook.

You can do a host of other things with ScrapBook as well. For instance, you have highlighters that you can use to mark important text. You can also add annotations to pages. I find the ability to add inline annotations quite useful from time to time, when I want to remind myself of something I need to get more information about.

If you don’t have Internet access 24/7 I would definitely recommend ScrapBook. But even if you do, I think this is an extension that you might want to try out.

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