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Finally got Thunderbird2 to know about Firefox

Filed under: Software — Tags: , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 10:30

I have been using Thunderbird2 as my main MUA of late and must say that I’m beginning to like it a lot. Of course, I can always fall back on mutt if I need to.

One problem I’ve been having is getting Thunderbird to send HTML links that I click on to Firefox. I keep getting an error message about not being able to launch gconfd. Well, a bit of Googling around solved the problem.

  1. Close Thunderbird.
  2. % cd $HOME/.thunderbird/nnnnnnnn.default, where nnnnnnnn is a random sequence of alpha-numeric characters.
  3. % vi prefs.js
  4. Add the following lines to prefs.js:

    user_pref("", "firefox");
    user_pref("", "firefox");
  5. Restart Thunderbird (ALT+R, fbrun pops up, type ‘tb’
  6. )

I find it a bit strange that they didn’t do this by default. They are both Mozilla applications, why is all this required just to get them to work together? Anyways, no need to complain, I’ve solved my problem.

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