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What is a flip-flopper?

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Election time is great because it always adds loads of new empty slogans to the public vocabulary. American elections are especially important because they have a global effect. This also means that empty, non-sense statements used by American politicians get exported to various local political arenas. Get a list of all the countries in the world that will hold elections this year and I can almost guarantee you what expressions will be used in the political debates and by media of each one of those countries.

This time around the term flip-flopping is used with such regularity that I feel the need to barf out my lunch anytime I hear it. This term has of course been used before, but this around it’s popularity has really blossomed. Media, here playing the role of public educator, help to propagate these terms out the the “bewildered herd”, that is the general population, the large group of people whose role is to be politically inactive.

But what does it mean to be a flip-flopper? Judging from various statements made including the word, I can only conclude that a flip-flopper is somebody who is adult enough to realize that they may have been wrong at some point in the past and ready to re-evaluate their position. This is obviously bad and must be condemned.

The opposite, the morally upright “non-flip-flopper” is somebody who rightly holds on to their original standpoint, even when there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against it. This is a sign of strength and good character. It is also childish.

Watch out for these other great verbal pies that get thrown around: “black”, “woman”, “Christian”, “Muslim”, “Hero”, “too old”, “too young”, “inexperienced”, “radical”, “crazy”, “firm”, “soft”, “lobbyist”, “lefty”, “neo-con”. That is just a small selection. Expect to enrich your vocabulary with several more words that mean absolutely nothing this year.

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