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The apes should evolve quickly

Filed under: Politics — Tags: , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 21:30

The state of humanity has me feeling that we’d be better off if The Planet of the Apes were to actually become reality. After all this time on this earth, is capitalism, environmental degradation, Christian fundamentalism, racism, inequality, nationalism, stupid soap operas and Windows Vista the best we can come up with?

I don’t think things will change much if Mr. 100 year-war in Iraq or Mrs. Hollywood Tears gets to fart on the presidential seat next. And people like Huckabee shouldn’t even be on the campaign trail. They should be put in mental asylums along with their creepy supporter base.

I’m sure our primate cousins wouldn’t do half as bad. I therefore suggest that we demand of the apes that they speed up their evolution. Then again, they probably won’t even get the opportunity since we’re killing them off along with every other life form on the planet. Good work, humanity!

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