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SCIM + Lenny = Ouch!

Filed under: Debian — Tags: , , , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 14:27

Just a little warning if you’ve got Lenny in your sources.list and considering upgrading. If SCIM is something you cannot live without, you may want to postpone that aptitude upgrade. Otherwise your computer will soon be as fast as a ZX Spectrum.

The SCIM I upgraded to was 1.4.7-3. There is Debian bug #434180 which contains a possible work-around. You could try it, but it doesn’t work for me. My problem is not sporadic lock-up, but that SCIM itself takes forever to start and consumes everything in its sight while doing so.

I’m going to run a few more searches and play around a bit. If the bug doesn’t seem to be in Debian BTS, I’ll have to add it. But I’m still hoping that there’s something I can do to at least (1) get rid of the problem, or (2) be a duplicate of an existing bug.

Of course, I’m on a etch/lenny/sid hybrid with possibly a sprinkle of experimental as well (although this was my first upgrade in ages). But still, think about it for at least 0.02 seconds before starting that upgrade.

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