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Xobni? I don’t think so

Filed under: Technology — Tags: , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 08:03

I stumbled upon this post and got a little curious. Xobni? Never heard of it before.

A quick glance at the “Learn more” page on their web site revealed all I needed to know:

Xobni Insight is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that offers effortless email management and provides instant access to the most important information in your email.

Useless crap in other words. (If you don’t know why, try doing an aptitude search outlook. That’s right, outlook doesn’t even exist.)

No, this is no new Google. Writing plug-ins for a MUA that only works on a game console won’t get you far.


  1. Lorenzo,

    You show your inability to do thorough research by not properly learning about the product.

    You should re-look at the post I do and read through everything to see why and how Xobni may leverage your personal information.

    David Adewumi

    Comment by davidadewumi — 2008.02.22 @ 08:10

  2. You mean as in:
    “We plan to release Xobni Insight for other email systems soon. Leave your email address and we’ll tell you when it’s ready for your platform.” (from their Download page)?

    When/If it gets released on other platforms my opinion may change. Until then it’s pretty much useless to me.

    And do forgive me for not researching properly. But being confronted with an overblown image on their start page put me off from the beginning.

    But okay, let’s look at what “Learn more” has to say:

    * Blazing fast email searches: I don’t know, grepmail works pretty well for me.

    * Phone number discovery: oh well… (I don’t use a phone).

    * threaded conversations: I like the way mutt and Thunderbird manage threads.

    * email analytics: information overflow.

    * navigate you inbox by people: ? I use stored searches.

    * your personal assistant: er.. no thanks. I’m lazy by nature and would like to stay that way. Don’t start to over-organize my life for me.

    * Quick attachment discovery: I’m sure this will be useful in some way (just that I cannot figure out for what).

    Might still give it a shot, just to see what it’s all about, if (and only if) it ever hits the Debian repositories (which implies it adhering to Debian policies). Otherwise, I’ll just move on..

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.02.22 @ 08:34

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