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Capitalism, Communism and Africa

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I just read this and felt it was worth a short comment.

I agree fully that the effects of global capitalism have been negative on the African continent. Global capitalism has been bad for most of the world. Only small groups of people have benefited from it, at the expense of the masses. Of course, the media corporations have been efficient at making sure that we don’t ask ourselves why so few have so much and so many have so little. Instead, we watch American Idol and discuss John Edward’s hair style. Those are safe things. We are free to debate as much as we want as long as the debate is about irrelevant things.

But, in what way has the Marxist form of socialism been any better? Those interested might want to look into what happened in Africa during the Cold War days. It would be fair to say that political dogmas replaced nations as colonial masters. Of course, historical lessons were learned and nobody claimed colonial ownership of any African state. The communist countries were just as guilty as the capitalist ones.

Marxism in general, and communism in particular has historically shown itself to be a very inhumane form of socialism. In essence it has only sought to replace one form of oppression with another. Communism claims to be the movement of the working classes, yet any time communists have taken power, those working classes have been brutalized. Why were anarchists hunted down by the Bolsheviks? Because they represented a threat to the power system that the communists set up in the name of a proletarian revolution.

There are so many examples of communist atrocities. For those who want to look at specifics, look into the Kronstadt rebellion, and how the Soviet leadership dealt with it. For those who think Trotskyism represents a more humane form of communism, note carefully the role of Trotsky in the suppression and lies. You can find many other examples if you bother to look.

To conclude one can fairly say that communism is the same crap as capitalism, but with different packaging. Capitalism is based on the insanity that the greed of individuals will benefit society as a whole. Marxist vanguards organize the working masses to do their dirty work for them, then turn them into little more than slaves.

The liberation of Africa’s masses is intimately tied to the liberation of the rest of the world’s masses. Only if global power structures are broken can those of continents and individual countries be broken.

International cooperation is of course vital, while at the same understanding that different groups have their own particular circumstances. Many of the world’s absolutely poorest and most oppressed people happen to live on the richest soil. Africa is no different in this regard. The aspirations of movements such as the Zapatista much closer represent those of the people living under such conditions than those of International Communism.

People all over the world share a need for freedom from oppression. Capitalism and Marxism are two of the barriers to that freedom. It is high time we flush them down the toilet of history.


  1. As a political activist with 2 degrees in Economics I take great interest in this topic and discussion. Are you familiar with the term “Democratic participatory socialism”? A new name for an idea that gained popularity in the 20’s under different names.Perhaps you and I Mark should get to know each other better and engage in some viable dialogue.

    Comment by Bill McGlone — 2008.03.08 @ 22:52

  2. Or am I posting to Lorenzo?

    Comment by Bill McGlone — 2008.03.08 @ 22:53

  3. You are indeed. If I was the intended recipient of the first comment why don’t you email me: danielsson D0T lorenzo AT gmail D0T com.

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.03.08 @ 23:01

  4. Very informative and interesting, although I disagree. Not about the facts of the killings, but about the idea of communism. I have to say the leaders that killed political opposition, killed “counterrevolutionaries” in the name of defending the revolution and forced communism onto societies that did not want it were not communists, but stalinists. People were paronoid that capitalism would return, so they killed any new idea. The state was given too much power and therefore became stalinists. And people based ideas off the literal interpretation of the Communist Manifesto and ideas of Marx. Any way, in true, or at least modern day communism (not china and cuba), there is supposed to be complete freedom of speech and expression (art, media), people are supposed to be as involved as possible in politics (open disscussions on everything), I believe the state has one purpose of finding out what the people need from the people them selves and will, with the peoples’ help, divide up what is given accordingly. I don’t feel like explaining everything. Unfortunately, not all communists explain, or know what true capitalism is and therefore are flawed. Capitalists make the same mistake against communists and really, everyone, for what ever reason, does not find out, from the opposition, what their side is. You should not go to a communist/capitalist site to find out about the opposition, but go to the opposition’s site because that will be what they stand for. I would like to know where you got your info of capitalism/communism from. I am not calling you a lier, I am just curious.

    Comment by John Stein — 2008.05.29 @ 02:18

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