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War on Heirarchy resources

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We live in dangerous times. If we don’t stand up against it, capitalism will kill us all. At the same time, the greed for more and more has destroyed our environment to the point where we don’t know if our planet will be able to sustain life much longer. While this is happening, we as a human race are divided. Divided because of differences in sex, skin color, religious and cultural beliefs. We are divided into “countries”, with arbitrary borders between them. Guess who benefits from all the division?

The Internet can be an excellent place to get informed. But, it is also easy to get lost. I am therefore providing a list of links which could act as a starting point. There is much more out there, once you are ready to go further.

This is a plea. I love my children dearly and wouldn’t want to think that I’ve put two beings into a world that does not have a future. I am sure you love your children too. Educate yourself and help us fight for a decent future for them all.

Web Sites

Anarchopedia: Wikipedia for anarchists. A good place to get information, and available in several languages.

Info Shop: Very good site. Loads of resources. The Anarchist FAQ is hosted here and is strongly recommended. archive of texts, with an emphasis anarchism and related issues. The Noam Chomsky web site. Loads of resources available here. I recommend that you start with the article section.

Z Communications: Another great place to find information about social change. Among other things, you will find some interesting blogs here.

Anarcho-syndicalism 101: a web site dedicated to the struggle against the wage-slavery system.


Not much here. I recently cleaned up my blog list as my aggregator was beginning to become horribly slow. I’ll start building the list again. Will add good ones to my blog roll, so keep a look out on the side-bar.

For what it’s worth: A good blog, which is not afraid to provoke. Read it.

On YouTube

Start by doing a search on “Noam Chomsky”. I particularly recommend the series called “Manufacturing Consent” about the role of media in “democratic” societies. You can also find the movie The Corporation on YouTube, but please consider buying it if you like it.

Swedish resources

The Swedish labor movement is in shambles. As in several other European countries, the large Swedish trade unions allowed themselves to get butt-fucked by capital. Now they are a part of the capitalist system and an enemy of the very workers that they are supposed to represent. There is one labor union that is still fighting the struggle: SAC Syndikalisterna.

Debian Users

# aptitude install anarchism

(as root). This will give you a local copy of An Anarchist FAQ, which you can find on Info Shop.

You own site/blog

Do you have a site or blog that is involved in the struggle for social change? Let me know, and I’ll link to it.


Don’t forget that this is a human struggle. If all drinkable water falls into private hands it is us humans that will suffer. Immigration laws are going to affect people just like you, who are desperate to seek a better life, just like you are. Capitalist structures allow a small group of people to exert power over people who you see and ignore every day of your life. Don’t lose yourself in political theory. Keep the people who surround you in mind at all times. They are not much different from you.


  1. “We live in dangerous times.”
    You’re certainly right about that Lorenzo.

    Reading your last point made me think of this quote:
    “If we do not think of future generations they will never forget us.”

    Great choice of “starting-point” links πŸ™‚

    Comment by Ms. Amanda — 2008.03.06 @ 05:51

  2. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.03.06 @ 07:51

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