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So HIV is a gay disease..

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..or at least this post attributes these claims to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Now, it’s rather interesting that this is a Catholic blog. What about Catholics and their *cough, cough* preferences for young boys? I guess that’s okay. After all, its not homosexuality, it’s pedophilia.

Hypocrites! If you stopped equating sex with sin and stopped poking your noses into other people’s sex lives the world would be a better place indeed. I think you people would be a lot less rabid and hateful if you got laid more. So for the benefit of the rest of us (who have to live with you lot), find yourself somebody to fuck. Just do it, over and over again, until all that hate and aggression is out of your system.

They may claim that their god is a loving god, but Christians are the most vile, hateful and intolerant people on the planet. Or at the very least the ones who make all the noise are. Just to be fair, I have actually met a few people who have been really decent, despite being Christians.


  1. That post quotes the original article…

    If you have issue with the claims – you have issue with them.

    Just to be clear – if we quit teaching anything about sex, would people stop dying of aids? Would the new strains of heptatitis and syphallis outbreaks that have especially hit hard the community of men who have sex with men… Would those go away? Is that our fault?

    I would be curious if you would be interested in rebutting any of the statistics… or opening your eyes to the fact that 80% of new cases are still among >3% of the population of men who have sex with men?

    Or do you just want snyde comments about Christians being hateful?

    And thanks for showing how note hateful you as a non-Christian are by writing: “What about Catholics and their *cough, cough* preferences for young boys?” Presumably meant to address the less than 2% of the clergy that have so much as been accused…

    And 80%+ of the “Pedophile victims” have been teenage boys… (Kind of re-enforces the stereotype of another gay problem…)

    But thanks for adding to the hits…

    We will keep you in our prayers.

    God bless you.

    Comment by asimplesinner — 2008.03.11 @ 21:20

  2. @asimplesinner: Let’s assume that statistically we could show that 99.9% of all new HIV cases were homosexual men. In such a case, there could be a number of valid reasons for this. Sin is not one of them.

    So I am not going to rebut the statistics, because that is not what I have an issue with. It’s the underlying message.

    I believe in freedom of religion, as well as freedom from religion. I would never post negative posts about Christians if only they could stop meddling in other people’s lives. Religion is a personal thing. Keep it in the personal space and don’t throw it in my face.

    It’s simple. Don’t write hateful stuff about others and I won’t write bad about you. And rest assured that if anybody would try to prevent you from practicing your religion, I would fight tooth and nail for your rights, regardless of how I feel about you or your religion. Of course I would do that for a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist as well..

    Regarding the comment about Catholics and young boys, why did it happen at all? Why as much as 2%? If they had really seen the “Kingdom of God” and been so holy, why did those things happen?

    By the way, I *am* sorry to jump on Catholics in particular. I don’t think Catholics are worse than other Christians, quite the contrary. The Charismatics are the ones that *really* scare me.

    Glad I could help you get some hits. hits == $$$, at least if you are advertising on your blog (which I am not).

    Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. Do you think it could be possible to also pray for all the gay victims of this awful disease? After all, they are also God’s creation, aren’t they?

    It would be easy to pray for me, after all I am heterosexual. Then again, I’m an anarchist, opposed to global capitalism, which I guess makes me a pretty horrible person as well. I think I need those prayers.

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.03.11 @ 21:43

  3. I don’t understand your statement about 80% of pedophile victims being teen boys….does being a teenager make it OK to victimize them…? Is that all pedophile victims you’re referring to or is that just the known victims of Catholic priests?

    Comment by monoboi — 2008.03.11 @ 23:52

  4. What do you say in Spanish, maricón or gay?

    Comment by sinblancaporelmundo — 2008.03.12 @ 08:44

  5. This entry is very hateful.

    “They may claim that their god is a loving god, but Christians are the most vile, hateful and intolerant people on the planet.”

    Wow, generalizing right after calling hate a bad thing… I think I smell hypocrisy.

    “Or at the very least the ones who make all the noise are. Just to be fair, I have actually met a few people who have been really decent, despite being Christians.”

    Damn, it isn’t just Christians. When will people like you learn to judge people as people and not group them together because of something they have in common (in this case religion). I have met Christians, non-Christian theist, and atheist who are homophobic.

    “What about Catholics and their *cough, cough* preferences for young boys?”

    I’ve never seen statistics that have shown a larger percentage of Catholics to be pedophiles when compared to the percentage of the general population.

    “guess that’s okay. After all, its not homosexuality, it’s pedophilia.”

    Really I don’t see that many things wrong with pedophilia, it is child molestation that is bad. Being a pedophile just means you are atracted to prepubecent people (usually this is people younger than 13), well it may seem a little sick it is just a thought, thoughts don’t hurt anyone, are you going to start punishing people for thoughtcrime? Actually a larger percentage of non-pedophiles are child molesters than the percentage of pedophiles that are, go figure.

    Also, I like a lot of your other entries. I don’t dislike you, just this entry, I try to love (and be kind) to everybody, and most of your topics are on things I enjoy (Debian, Ruby, Python, Sweden, et cetera). This doesn’t give me the same impression that your other entries did.

    Comment by Tony — 2008.06.10 @ 03:32

  6. @Tony: you are right that this post was over-the-top. I was having a bad day, and wrote things that were not really fair.

    I won’t delete the post however, because I also happen to believe in standing by what you said. This post reflects me at a particular point in time, in a particular mood. It shows that I, just like everybody else, can fall into the pit of irrational anger. It stays for the world to see.

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.07.22 @ 09:29

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