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Upgraded to Firefox 3beta4

Filed under: Software — Tags: , , , , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 12:29

I had a little bit of time over so I was able to upgrade to the latest beta of Firefox 3. No issues so far. It hasn’t crashed yet, my ScrapBook extension seems to work and the flash, java and mplayer plug-ins as work fine.

But it *still* cannot keep my bookmarks sorted alphabetically. 😦


  1. Mmm can I ask you something?!
    I also installed Beta 4 a few days ago but I found two issues.
    First – crash everytime I open , or even when I enter the properties of the bookmark for the site.
    Second – it’s the same with and all quicktime videos!
    Can you tell me if it’s the same with your firefox ??? Please.

    Comment by Petar Yovkov — 2008.03.17 @ 19:21

  2. I just tried both and the work fine. No problems with torrentspy. Apple’s site (and quicktime movies in general) work well with the mplayer plug-in.

    It sounds to me like you are having issues with your plug-ins. I’m symlinking mine from /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. I use the mplayer plugin for video formats (powered by w32codecs). Apart from that I have libflashplayer and the Java 6 plugin. No problems with any of those.

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.03.17 @ 19:33

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