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Firefox 3: really good

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Just came across this which confirmed the feeling I’ve had for the last few days: Firefox 3 is fast and memory friendly.

The previous beta (b3) gave me quite a few problems. There were a few annoying bugs, the most annoying one being memory usage, though to be fair it was not as bad as Firefox 2. Yet, I was forced to restart the browser once every two days or so.

With beta4, Firefox has turned into a real speed demon. Also, it doesn’t eat nearly as much memory as it used to. It may not be as fast as Opera yet, but Opera (sadly, because I really like Opera) has psycho-fits when there’s a lot of flash content on a page (as is the case with YouTube). Those pages cause Opera to freeze for minutes. And I am not very patient..

I didn’t use Firefox 2 much, as I really didn’t get on well with it. Instead I used a combination of Galeon, Epiphany, Opera and even Konqueror. But ever since Firefox 3 beta 2 was released, Firefox has gone back to being my primary browser.

I cannot say much about how well various extensions work, because I’m not an extension groupie. The one that I really use, ScrapBook, works just fine.


  1. >It may not be as fast as Opera yet,

    Actually, it very may well be faster. In all of the tests I’ve run with nightly builds of Firefox and weekly Opera builds, I’m seeing Firefox considerably stronger on SunSpider and other JS perf tests.

    – A

    Comment by Asa Dotzler — 2008.03.13 @ 00:12

  2. Okay, thanks for that info. I have not run any tests myself (hence the vague statement). I knew that Firefox couldn’t be far behind, if at all. If you are getting results that indicate Firefox actually outperforming Opera then that is good news indeed. Because to me Opera has always been “the fastest browser on the planet” (at least if we pretend that lynx, elinks, w3m and friends don’t exist 😉 )

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.03.13 @ 00:30

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