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Cardinal Sins updated to v2.0

Filed under: Religion — Tags: , , , , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 00:23

Okay, so half the blogosphere has heard of the “new” cardinal sins. They just doubled them. Luckily, hypocrisy wasn’t on the list, because then not only the Catholic Church, but most (if not all) religious organizations, world leaders, experts, professors, and a lot of others would be roasted in Hell.

I do have a few questions. I notice drug abuse is on the list. Maybe v2.1 could include a list of which drugs are included. Is consuming caffeine a cardinal sin? Nicotine? Alcohol? Cannabis? And if one consumes two or more of the ones I listed, is it possible to get bonus points?

And what is so sinful about genetic engineering? What, God can’t take a bit of competition? I always thought that Christianity was the capitalist religion. God’s definitely going to face an anti-trust suit on this one.

I’m not surprised about the abortion part. I mean, we wouldn’t want women to have control over their own bodies now, would we? Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before: abortion is murder. But then again, going into a country that does not pose a threat just to gain control over oil and senselessly killing people in the process seems a much worse crime (or “sin” since you guys love the word so much), but that didn’t make it onto the list.

And why on earth would the Catholic Church go out and proclaim obscene riches, pedophilia and causing social injustice to be cardinal sins? Isn’t that shooting yourself in the proverbial foot?

Personally, I don’t need any new sins. The old ones were fine. As a matter of fact, if lust (even just “looking lustfully at a woman”) were the only cardinal sin I would still be doomed. You see, it’s in my biological make-up. It is a requirement for that little thing we call reproduction (you know the one that gives you a new generation of people to subject to your religious dogma and to extract mone.. pardon tithes out of). Of course, in *my* book, lust is not a sin, but something to be celebrated.

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