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Go to jail!

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Ah, prisons! We all love them right? You know, those places where you lock up people who have commit horrible crimes like smoking marijuana, being poor, being a political dissident, or being black.

Prisons are no doubt required. After all, what about serial killers. They need to be locked up, at least until we gas the bastards. And then there are all those horrible crimes that are committed by illegal immigrants. Not that we know exactly what crimes they commit, but they are an excellent scape goat, that we might as well blame them for the Original Sin while we’re at it.

And let’s not forget the role of prisons in reforming these despicable criminals. After all, we all know that prison graduates become role-model citizens, right? RIGHT??

Okay, time to cut the bullshit. You claim that prisons hold criminals, I reply that the biggest criminals are not even in fucking jail. Corporations like Monsanto, Bechtel and Shell are criminal networks (just to mention a few examples). Each one has been the cause of more deaths than all your serial killers put together. Yet, the executives of these corporations are rewarded with wealth and power. So fuck off with your bullshit about prisons.

And what about the criminals in the current administration? War crimes is a very serious matter. The Nazis were put in a noose for those things. In order to be consistent, we should apply the same to current war criminals. I of course, do note support capital punishment, but if we were to apply the same international laws that put Nazis to death, then Bush, Cheney, Rice, and friends would all be hanging high.

And why the fuck can I be thrown in jail for smoking a joint, but if I drink alcohol I’m an honest upright citizen? Is that right? Are those the kinds of things you think you were voted into power to do? Well, fuck you!

In America, being black is a crime. Being a political dissident is a crime. And God help you if you are both. Just ask Sherman Austin. He was locked up for what? Linking to a web site? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. How on earth does that compare to production of Agent Orange? Or arranging to have a political dissident executed on false grounds in Nigeria?

If you’ve read up to here and think that this is an American problem, think again. Fuck fascist Europe too. Same bullshit goes on there. In fact, fuck the whole world! It’s the same everywhere you go: the elite dominate the masses. Prisons are places to lock up the more stubborn members of the masses for refusing to be dominated. Using a criminal code that was written by the elite but applied to the masses.

Abolish that which is used by the rich and powerful to oppress us. Abolish prisons. Now!

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