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Accra.rb meeting: 2008.03.15

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We just finished our bi-weekly meeting. Only three people were present: Henry, Selasie and I.

We started off with a short presentation by Henry called “Ruby on Rails Quick-Start”. He took us through how to set up rails and showed us how to create a very simple web app. It was quite interesting. I haven’t really played around all that much with rails.

Then we discussed other Ruby news and events. Selasie mentioned that he had discovered Gruff, a graphing package for Ruby. Will take a look at it.

I talked a bit about my experimentation with JRuby. I wish I could have brought up Rubinius as well, but the truth is I’ve been really short on time of late, and as a consequence haven’t had enough time to play with Rubinius. Will have to make sure I find some time again, even if it means losing out on some of that sleep that I seem to be indulging in every single night. 😉

Our meetings are short and not all that well organized. Attendance is also bad. It’s difficult to do real presentations without a projector. But, all that doesn’t really matter, as long as we meet regularly. We all have to sit down and think about how we think the meetings should be structured in order to be interesting. With time we’ll get there.


  1. hey dudes:) great to hear how accra ruby is going. but trying and send some of ur presentations on the forum so that some of ur virtual members can also be informed.

    Comment by egoleo — 2008.04.09 @ 15:57

  2. We’ll do that. We have just had a few problems with the venue of late. We are trying to sort it out.

    Comment by Lorenzo E. Danielsson — 2008.04.09 @ 18:21

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