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Tony Blair: wanted for war crimes

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We would like to see that this man is made to face trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity:


Tony Blair is a war criminal. He took an active part in the illegal war against Iraq. He also took part in the occupation and colonization of that country after it had been conquered. He is also guilty of lying to the public about the reasons for the war. He neglected world opinion and chose to only listen to the criminal in the White House.

Tony Blair is guilty of crimes against humanity. This includes, but is not limited to, crimes against the peoples of Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. He is also guilty of neglecting his own domestic population, choosing instead to spend massively towards the extermination of Arabs. Together with important figures in the current U.S administration, Tony Blair was architect of a new style of war capitalism, which saw huge profits for companies specialized in war and destruction.

Under Tony Blair’s leadership, any credibility that Labour might have had as a force for the working classes was turned to dust. Tony Blair stabbed the working masses in the back and chose instead to be a vocal supporter of global capitalism. Recently, Blair has been rewarded a position with JPMorgan as a token of appreciation for being a free market whore.

We ask for justice. In Nuremberg, the Nazi war criminals were hung for their war crimes and their crimes against humanity. We ask that this generation of war criminals is given the same treatment. Put Tony Blair and all the other war criminals on trial and hang them. They must never be allowed to get away with the evil they have done.

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