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Ralph Nader on workplace hazards

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Ralph Nader write an open letter to the president about the dangerous conditions that many Americans are working under.

An interesting fact for those who still believe that 9/11 was the biggest criminal act to have happened on U.S soil:

Perhaps you are not worried about this lonely epidemic of death, disease and injury day after day, since it is not caused by terrorists. Even if every three weeks, workplace conditions lead to a fatality toll greater than 9/11. Imagine, every three weeks, on average.

In the capitalist system, the vast majority of people are reduced to being units of production. The bosses don’t care if workers get injured or die. It’s just the loss of a few units of production, they can get replaced. Unemployment ensures that there is always a pool of replacement units.

When you go to the ballot box to vote, either for a Republic or a Democrat, keep in mind that in order to be able to run a presidential race, they will have to accept contributions from powerful donors, who obviously want something in return. Whoever ends up winning the 2008 election, even before being sworn in, the new president will know that he or she is merely a puppet to big business. It’s one thing to throw out slogans about “hope” and “change” now, but wait until they occupy the White House.

I can promise that once the new president is installed, whether Democrat or Republican, there will be no hope or change for America’s working classes. Those hard-working people that built the nation. There will be little or no change in working conditions. Corporate America’s assault on labor will continue. The U.S will continue to lose far more lives due to poor working conditions at home than American lives are lost in Iraq. It makes one wonder, who are the real terrorists?

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