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Action in support of Iran

Filed under: Politics — Tags: , , , , , , — Lorenzo E. Danielsson @ 02:18

You can watch this for a short but quite good introduction. Then go here and demand seeking diplomatic solutions with Iran.

If the U.S. goes to war with Iran, there will be no winner. The biggest loser will be the Iranian people. Enough lives have been wasted over one idiotic war in the region and the lives of Iraqis have not improved, regardless of what the war criminal in the White House claims. Don’t let it happen again. Speak up against this madness before it is too late.

The U.S. and Britain intervened in Iran’s affairs once. We live with the consequences of that still today, and we don’t need a replay. There are far better ways of supporting democracy in Iran then by blowing the country to bits and giving lucrative reconstruction contracts to Halliburton and others. Recognizing the other as an equal partner in a peaceful dialog would be a good start.

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