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Holocaust denial

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It is frightening that in 2008 there are still many people who deny that the Holocaust against Jews, Roma and other peoples ever took place. If we haven’t learned anything from the horrors of the past, how will we be able to prevent these things from happening again?

There are some that want to debate how many people were actually killed. Does it matter? Let’s say that evidence would emerge that “only” 4 million people were killed. Or, just for sake of argument, let’s imagine that the number is “merely” 40,000. Would that make the crimes any less? Surely not. At some stage the numbers cease to matter. Whether the number of people killed is 40,000, 4 million, 6 million or 100 million doesn’t make a difference.

In the same way, it is silly to argue whether Hitler or Stalin was the “most evil” by comparing the number of people each killed, or rather, had killed. If the Nazis killed six million and the Stalin regime twenty million, does that make Stalin 14 million units more evil than Hitler? That is absurd. Both men were directly or indirectly that cause of a great number of deaths.

The fact that an entire infrastructure was built up to exterminate people on an industrial scale alone speaks volumes of the lack of regard for human life. And that was exactly what the Nazi regime built up.

Anywhere, anytime human beings get killed on a large scale by other human beings it is a crime against humanity. It happened in Europe under the Nazis, it happened in Vietnam, it happened in Rwanda, in Bosnia, in East Timor, it is happening today in Iraq, it is happening to the Palestinians on land they are denied from calling their own. It has happened too many times in too many places throughout history.

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