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Americans: not as hated as you think

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The BBC is reporting that people’s attitudes towards the United States have got a little bit better, as you can read here. The shift is relatively small, and one can argue about how the study was conducted, but I wonder if there isn’t a bit of misunderstanding here.

I really don’t think that most people have ever hated Americans. On the contrary, many people the world over have a lot of respect for Americans and the values they hold. Even if you go to the Middle East, where most people have been victims of U.S. policies, you will find that a great number of people express admiration for the American way of life. They don’t hate you. They hate your corrupted government. They hate the fact that your government claims to support democracy, yet is supports the most undemocratic of rulers.

The fact is that America would easily have a lot of friends in the Middle East. But when you destroy a democratic movement as was done in Iran in the 1950s, and replace it with a dictatorial ruler, what do you expect? You don’t build friendships when you support dictators and actively prevent democratic movements. And you won’t win friends when you conquer other countries for their oil. You won’t win friends when the people of these countries so rich in their soil, live in misery as American corporations are reaping billions of dollars in profits of their land.

People are opposed to the criminal in the White House, his equally criminal administration and the corporate killing machine that supports him. Starting an illegal war against Iraq, a country that was no threat to the United States was just plain wrong. Going against the rest of the world on the issue of climate change didn’t help much either. The current administration has done its best to ruin America’s reputation around the world.

The American system is one that demands active citizens. In order to safeguard all that which is good about the United States, the population must stay vigilant and not allow power hungry politicians to hijack the nation. But Americans have allowed themselves to get blinded, to become passive, and look at what happened. The American people should have risen up a long time ago and chased the criminal out of the White House. Take the country back. That would be an act of genuine patriotism.

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