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The war on war

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We don’t need a war on drugs. People can drink alcohol, so they should be allowed to smoke pot.

We don’t need a war on terror. Instead of fighting terrorists, we should be fighting the poverty, the inequality, the hopelessness that causes terrorism in the first place.

We do need a war on war. War causes nothing but suffering. This war should have no causalities. It should be a peaceful battle against the forces of destruction.

Make love not war, or in a more modern version: don’t kill, fuck.


  1. “crime for crime”
    Solutions are hard to come by in this manner…
    But solutions are also hard to come by in a peaceful manner as well.
    Conflict will never cease to exist… and standing in the way with linked arms and peace signs won’t stop them from plowing through you.

    Comment by Ms. Amanda — 2008.04.16 @ 03:53

  2. Overpopulation.

    Comment by Alex — 2008.07.13 @ 07:28

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