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It’s a boy!

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At around 22:00 on Sunday, 15th July, my second son, Carmine Kwesi Danielsson was born. He’s a healthy little guy. Ama is also fine. Enrique and Vanessa seem really happy about their new brother, although Vanessa has shown a few signs of jealousy.

I’m glad it’s finally over. I hate waiting. And worrying. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels for the expecting mother who will definitely be more worried and also has the burden of actually carrying the child as well. And I thought being a daddy the third time around was going to be a walk in the park..

Now we’re back to sleepless nights, feeding bottles and drowning in diapers, again! Oh, I just love being a dad.. 😀


Happy birthday, Jojo!

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Today was my son’s birthday. Yes, Enrique Jojo is now five years old (which he told each person about 100,000,000 times). I still cannot believe it. I remember him struggling to take his first steps, and all of a sudden his growing into a young man. He thinks he’s smarter than I am as well (he probably is, but that is a different story).

So how did the day go? Well, Jojo demanded for everything from everybody. At the same time Vanessa, his kid sister, just couldn’t understand why it wasn’t her birthday. So we had to try to calm her down. This, of course, led Jojo to feel that we were spending too much time on Vanessa on his birthday. *sigh*

I’m a mental wreck at this point. If having two kids is this stressful, how is it going to be in July, when the third one comes? Is there any way to postpone their birthday’s until they are too old to care anymore? 😉

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