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Back from Takoradi

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Just got back from Takoradi. Henry and I had both been invited to speak at a two-day seminar on open source. I gave a hour-long introduction to open source, and Henry one on CMSes. It went well. I got some new friends and hopefully enough of a group to set up a local community in Takoradi. We want open source communities in every corner of Ghana!

The only bad thing was I had to survive for almost four days without Internet connectivity. 😦


Ghana Ubuntu Revival

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Henry and I have been discussing reviving the Ghana Ubuntu (ghUbuntu) group for some time. I think it would be a good idea. Last time we tried, there simply weren’t many Ubuntu users around. Mandriva was by far the most popular distro in Ghana then.

Now the situation is different. I’d guess that Ubuntu is the most popular distro in Ghana currently, at least among individuals. In corporate environments it seems like Red Hat (and CentOS), Novell and Debian dominate. Ubuntu users in Ghana should have a forum to meet, discuss and share ideas. Having such a group could help Ubuntu to make inroads into the business community as well.

Of course I am a Debian user myself. But, Ubuntu is a Debian derivate and I have access to enough Ubuntu machines that I don’t think my participation will be much of a problem. 😉

If you’re interested in the Ghana Ubuntu Group, please contact me (email address can be found on the ‘about’ page), or Henry (I’m sure you can find his email somewhere on his blog) or just keep watching our blogs for more info.


Cedi converter

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In case you didn’t know, the Ghanaian Cedi is going to be re-denominated. They are slashing a bunch of zeros so that GHC10,000 becomes GHC1.

My good friend Henry (who also created Webmark, a social bookmarking site that’s less pret.ent.ious) has written a little old to new Cedi converter. You can test it here.

It seems he has also turned it into a Joomla module. I will post a download link when I get it.

Ghana Made


Get the Joomla module here. Hopefully it will be on the Joomla extensions site soon as well.

Update 2007.05.25: Added link to Joomla module

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