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Memories from ’83: L’italiano

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1983. I was twelve years old. We lived in Tunisia. I attended A.C.S.T, the finest damn school on the planet. Most of my life revolved around Goldrake, Mazinga Z, Capitan Futuro and a few other cartoons.

Every year we used to watch the festival of Sanremo. This particular year Toto Cutugno played L’italiano, a song which should have won. In fact, it should have put an end to the whole damn Eurovision Song Contest, because no song will be better than it, ever!

Watching it brought back so many memories: Tunisia, my school, my friends, all those great programs on RAI. Now I even miss Domenica In. 😀

How good my life was once upon a time. Oh well, no need to get sentimental, I guess. *sigh*

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