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CNN and “black opinion”

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Over the last few days the following two headlines have appeared on CNN blogs:

Imagine the outcry if it had been “Clinton apologizes to white voters”, or “Clinton’s standing damages among whites?”. First of all, it would be considered racist, and second no white person would want to be told that they are a part of a single, coherent “white opinion”. White people are “individuals”. They form their own opinions.

But somehow it is allowed to bundle up “black opinion”, to treat black people like a flock of sheep, who move together, think alike and act in accordance with one another. They don’t have minds of their own.

If you read the comment sections to CNN articles, you will often find the sentiment expressed that “black people will vote for Obama because he is black”. They all cohere. They all have a collective mind.

Now, make the statement that somebody will vote for Hillary Clinton or John McCain “just because they are white” and you’ll be called a racist. White people don’t vote based on color. They make rational, informed decisions. Black people have an agenda to take over America and they all vote the same: for a black person (at least as long as one is standing for president).

Add to that Bill Clinton’s comparison of Obama and Jackson, which was totally unfair. For white Obama supporters, this had to be challenged because “Jesse Jackson is a racist”. And why is he a racist? Because we, the white voters say he is. The black opinion, of course, must be supportive of Jackson. We don’t even have to ask. He’s a part of the flock.

What has become increasingly common is that racism is considered part of the “black opinion”. Any black person who criticizes a white person is a “racist”. After all, they, the black flock are “racists”. And racism is wrong (when it is directed against us).

Racism is wrong in all its forms. It is one of a long list of ills that plagues our societies. But it is a natural phenomenon in a system that has realized the efficiency in dominating large groups of people by keeping them isolated. As long as the masses squabble over issues of race, religion, culture etc, they fail to realize that they all share a common relationship to their bosses: they are all wage slaves.

United, the wage slaves, whether black, white, Christian, Muslim, Atheist or Buddhist, Chinese American, Irish American, Arab American or African American, could demand for real change. But no, divided they shall fall.

Media of course, willingly plays its part in this whole game. By making sure that race remains an issue in this campaign, they help to regenerate the divisions. Divided they fall.

If were allowed to vote in the U.S. election I don’t think I would vote for Obama. I have some real issues with some of his policies. I would obviously be looking for somebody far different. Somebody ready to challenge corporate power. Somebody ready to rebuild the labor unions. Somebody with the foreign policies of Ron Paul. But Barack Obama be far more likely to get my vote than Clinton or McCain.

I assume I will reflexively be called a racist for this post. But hey, I belong to the white flock of sheep. I will also be called a pinko-commie bastard for voicing anti-capitalist sentiment. But hey, I don’t belong to any political party, nor do I belong to “left” or “center” or “right”. I’m an anarchist. I oppose all forms of oppression, not merely the capitalist one.


Interesting headline, CNN

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Check this.

If Hillary is expected to be on the show, how can it then be a surprise appearance? Gosh-darn, I wish I were as smart as those CNN writers.


Bizarre quote

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Picked this up from the BBC:

“The motive in this case was robbery and at some point things went rather poorly,” Sgt Grady told reporters.

Five people got killed and you call that “things went rather poorly”? I sure hope that BBC misquoted that one.

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