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A difference between men and women

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Women have “vagina dialogues” where the openly talk about their vaginas.

We men are different. We engage in “cock dialogues” where we talk to our cocks. “Get up you lazy tool! It’s the first time in months that I can have real sex and you want to sleep!”


So HIV is a gay disease..

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..or at least this post attributes these claims to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Now, it’s rather interesting that this is a Catholic blog. What about Catholics and their *cough, cough* preferences for young boys? I guess that’s okay. After all, its not homosexuality, it’s pedophilia.

Hypocrites! If you stopped equating sex with sin and stopped poking your noses into other people’s sex lives the world would be a better place indeed. I think you people would be a lot less rabid and hateful if you got laid more. So for the benefit of the rest of us (who have to live with you lot), find yourself somebody to fuck. Just do it, over and over again, until all that hate and aggression is out of your system.

They may claim that their god is a loving god, but Christians are the most vile, hateful and intolerant people on the planet. Or at the very least the ones who make all the noise are. Just to be fair, I have actually met a few people who have been really decent, despite being Christians.


Alone and Horny? Masturbate!

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No, its not harmful. Nor is it a sin, no matter what the dumbfucks claim. The shame and guilt attached to masturbation is what is unhealthy. We are sexual beings, and it’s worthwhile spending a little bit of time getting to know yourself sexually. Good for you and good for your partner.

So next time you need to just get down, satisfy yourself and feel free. That way you won’t be walking around town as a package of explosive hormones.

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