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Black Stars are out!

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The anticipated celebrations around here have suddenly turned into silence as the Black Stars have lost to Cameroon. Instead of jubilation I can only hear the odd trumpet sound. Ghana is back to normal again. 😦

I wonder why it is so difficult for the Black Stars achieve the success they so much deserve. Maybe it’s just the little details. Today, I think John Mensah will have been missed, and his absence forced Essien to play a more defensive role. But I am no expert on football, so I’ll just drop the analysis attempts right here.

But, I must hand it to Cameroon, they are a resilient team. This year I don’t think anybody would have expected them to go this far. But they’ve demonstrated against both Tunisia and Ghana that they can be highly efficient. That’s the thing about Cameroon, they don’t need many chances in a game in order to score. Even when they don’t play well at all, you can not give Cameroon chances.

Now I hope and think Ivory Coast will win the tournament. Of course, they have to get past Egypt first, not an easy task to be sure. And then Cameroon await in the finals. And Cameroon can definitely not be taken for granted. Actually, maybe I should hope Cameroon win instead. That would make Ivory Coast all the hungrier so that they go off and win the next world cup instead. They sure are good enough to do that.

Ghana – Cameroon

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So I may not be the biggest of sports fans, but it’s difficult not to be passionate about football when you can hear the cheers from stadium from where I am. Go Black Stars!



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The atmosphere was literally boiling over here up until Nigeria got their penalty. I could hear the roar from stadium. Now it has become very quiet..

I’m not all that surprised really. Nigeria is a team that you can never count out. But, there’s still a half left and a few minutes left. Surely Ghana should be able to pound in an equalizer and a few winners before it’s over.

Bye, bye Nigeria!

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I’m not really a big sports fan normally, but this evening CAN2008 will be over for Nigeria. They’d be best off not even showing up at the stadium because Ghana will clobber them! 🙂

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