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Is it for freedom?

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If you watch Democracy Now, you will no doubt have heard this wonderful song by Sara Thomsen, called Is it for Freedom?

Note that the YouTube video I linked to contains some rather disturbing images. I think you should watch them while you listen to this song. You really need to watch them. You really need to see what bringing democracy to Iraq looks like. You need to see what exists behind all the propaganda you hear from the criminals who started this whole mess.

Now I have an extremely varied taste in music. Some would say that I have a weird taste, which I shall not deny. But Sara Thomsen represents the kind of quality music that could get me to put an end to my long-standing refusal to support the music industry. I have not bought a single music CD or video since the early 1990s.

You can find out more about Sara Thomsen at her website.



A few companies to boycott

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Here you can find a list of companies that are sponsoring the Olympic Games in Beijing. The post itself is in Swedish, but (1) Swedish is not very difficult to read and (2) you can still parse the list of companies at the very top.

The management of these companies have no reasons to care about the fate of the people of Tibet. But since they are all greedy fuckers they will care if they start to lose sales. So hit them where it hurts. Boycott them all!

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