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Not only NATO needs to be disbanded

The Democratic Party needs to be disbanded as well. Democrats love to make fun of the lack of intelligence among Republicans, but maybe it’s time for some inner reflection. Nancy Pelosi, to take but one example, manages to make utterances that make your average beetle appear intelligent.

The Democratic nomination process is turning into a farce. Sorry, it was one from the start. It’s turning worse. What is more important to the Democrats, finding a presidential candidate early or letting the people have their say? The latter would of course be the democratic alternative. And where do the Democratic candidates actually stand on issues that matter? Bring the troops home? Nope. The military industry owns Democrats as well as Republicans.

The Republican Party was hijacked by non-Republicans a long time ago. Either it gets back to republican values or it should be dumped into the cesspool of history. The so-called neocons can leave and form The American Empire Party, The Fascist Party of America or maybe just The War Party. Ron Paul is one of few Republicans with Republican values, and should have been their candidate. I don’t agree with many of his ideas, but at least he is a Republican.

Fortunately, there are alternatives, like The Libertarian Party and The Green Party. While I don’t see The Green Party doing well, the Libertarian Party probably has the best chance ever to really stir things up. They don’t have the big lobbyist support, but it’s the people who are going to cast their votes. If the Libertarians can really reach out to all the people who think the whole process is nothing but a bunch of humbug, they could really make a dent in the machinery.

There should have been a strong workers’ party. Something on the lines of European social democratic parties, which are all far to the left of the Democrats, who are not very left at all. Of course, most European social democratic parties have also taken quite a few steps right over the last ten or so years. The Labour Party in Britain is a good example of a party that has been directly hostile to the very groups of people they claim to represent. There are many other examples.

As I have mentioned many times before, Ralph Nader is the candidate the closest represents my own personal viewpoints. I just wish he were running for the Green Party. Although Nader doesn’t stand much chance of winning the race, his importance cannot be ignored, as the Democrats have learned. He stands a decent chance of forcing the other candidates to actually listen to the will of the people they are meant to serve.

Disband NATO, it outlived its usefulness a long time ago. Disband the Democratic Party, it gives the word democratic a bad name. And while you’re at it, place John McCain in a nice little retirement home. Somewhere quiet, where he can relax and not cause any damage.



Don’t just stay at home

If your tired of the endless hot air from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain? Then look at the alternatives. They do exist, although mainstream media does their best to keep them out of the spotlight.

Don’t just stay at home on election day. Vote, it’s your right. There are candidates who propose real change, not just hope. There are candidates that do listen to the will of the people. For example, Ralph Nader. Another candidate you could look into is Mike Gravel. Note that both these candidates state exactly how they stand on important issues.

I personally have a lot of respect for Ralph Nader.


The meaning of H-O-M-E-L-A-N-D

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Picked it up from here:

The two party corporate political system is having a HOMELAND presidential campaign—Hillary, Obama, McCain, Election, Lacking, Actual, National, Debate.


Obama a junkie? So?

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I guess many will have read this already. It is (currently) one of the most popular posts on

Let’s for a moment pretend that the author can spell. Obama is alleged to be a junkie and a pusher. And also a liar. Why a liar. Well, because junkies are liars, of course. Now who is making these statements? Larry Sinclair is. A junkie, who claims to have bought cocaine from Obama. But if junkies are liars, why are we to believe Larry?

I wonder why people pretend to get so upset when they hear about sex and drugs scandals among the rich and powerful. What do you expect them to do with all that money? What would you do if you had so much money that you couldn’t spend it in a life time? Get high and laid, no doubt.

Just for comparison, let’s look at how I measure up to the supposed crimes of Barack Obama.

  1. Drug dealer: Okay, I have to admit a lack experience here. But I did buy alcohol for minors a couple of times. Can I get at least half a point?
  2. Drug user: Well, I’m certainly no Nikki Sixx. But I do have a bit of experience at least. And, contrary to Bill, I did inhale.
  3. Liar: Now this is my department. My personal slogan: a lie a day keeps the pastor away. Plus, Bill lied about the blowjobs and George W. lied about the WMDs. Seems like lying makes a person presidential.
  4. Intimidator: I’ve got a kid brother and a kid sister. ‘Nuff said.

Final score: three out of four. Thank you Larry. You have shown that Barack Obama is 75% like the rest of us. Seems like a good reason to vote for him.

Seriously, the main reason not to vote for Barack Obama is that he represents the same sickening Democrat/Republican party as the others, specifically the Democrat faction. He receives money from big business like the others. And of course big business will want some return on their investment, should he become president.

Ralph Nader is the only person I feel could make a real difference. But he’ll never be president, because the American society has become so sick that the society in Orwell’s 1984 seems like a vacation paradise.


CNN and “black opinion”

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Over the last few days the following two headlines have appeared on CNN blogs:

Imagine the outcry if it had been “Clinton apologizes to white voters”, or “Clinton’s standing damages among whites?”. First of all, it would be considered racist, and second no white person would want to be told that they are a part of a single, coherent “white opinion”. White people are “individuals”. They form their own opinions.

But somehow it is allowed to bundle up “black opinion”, to treat black people like a flock of sheep, who move together, think alike and act in accordance with one another. They don’t have minds of their own.

If you read the comment sections to CNN articles, you will often find the sentiment expressed that “black people will vote for Obama because he is black”. They all cohere. They all have a collective mind.

Now, make the statement that somebody will vote for Hillary Clinton or John McCain “just because they are white” and you’ll be called a racist. White people don’t vote based on color. They make rational, informed decisions. Black people have an agenda to take over America and they all vote the same: for a black person (at least as long as one is standing for president).

Add to that Bill Clinton’s comparison of Obama and Jackson, which was totally unfair. For white Obama supporters, this had to be challenged because “Jesse Jackson is a racist”. And why is he a racist? Because we, the white voters say he is. The black opinion, of course, must be supportive of Jackson. We don’t even have to ask. He’s a part of the flock.

What has become increasingly common is that racism is considered part of the “black opinion”. Any black person who criticizes a white person is a “racist”. After all, they, the black flock are “racists”. And racism is wrong (when it is directed against us).

Racism is wrong in all its forms. It is one of a long list of ills that plagues our societies. But it is a natural phenomenon in a system that has realized the efficiency in dominating large groups of people by keeping them isolated. As long as the masses squabble over issues of race, religion, culture etc, they fail to realize that they all share a common relationship to their bosses: they are all wage slaves.

United, the wage slaves, whether black, white, Christian, Muslim, Atheist or Buddhist, Chinese American, Irish American, Arab American or African American, could demand for real change. But no, divided they shall fall.

Media of course, willingly plays its part in this whole game. By making sure that race remains an issue in this campaign, they help to regenerate the divisions. Divided they fall.

If were allowed to vote in the U.S. election I don’t think I would vote for Obama. I have some real issues with some of his policies. I would obviously be looking for somebody far different. Somebody ready to challenge corporate power. Somebody ready to rebuild the labor unions. Somebody with the foreign policies of Ron Paul. But Barack Obama be far more likely to get my vote than Clinton or McCain.

I assume I will reflexively be called a racist for this post. But hey, I belong to the white flock of sheep. I will also be called a pinko-commie bastard for voicing anti-capitalist sentiment. But hey, I don’t belong to any political party, nor do I belong to “left” or “center” or “right”. I’m an anarchist. I oppose all forms of oppression, not merely the capitalist one.

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