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It did not begin against Serbia

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I’m sorry Nebojsa Malic but America’s imperial aggression did not start in March 1999. I of course fully agree with you that it was a war of aggression.

But the U.S. began their imperial ambitions much earlier. As the battle dust of WWII was settling in fact. The war in Korea was probably the first, followed by Vietnam. You also have to take into account the aggression against various countries in Latin America.

One could argue that the start happened during WWII itself. For instance, Japan was given a first vivid demonstration of “shock-and-awe”. Twice, to be exact. But of course, the Japanese were the “bad guys” in the war, so you are not supposed to say things like that. You are supposed to agree with any atrocities that the Japanese were subjected to because “they were the enemy”, much in the same way as American propaganda made Serbia “the enemy” in preparation for the assault.

And I wonder why you act surprised that America supports terrorist organizations. They always have. They are the largest supporters of terrorism on the planet. If what they did against the Vietnamese is not terrorism then nothing is. The only time Americans oppose terrorism is when it is directed against them. Or against its client state.

In fact, if George W. Bush was serious about his War on Terror, he would begin by blowing himself to bits. And his entire administration. And the previous Clinton administration. He would bomb Washington. He would bomb the Pentagon. He would bomb the offices of all the war profiteers. He would reserve a few bombs for the next administration, since the Big Three are all status quo politicians (that is the only reason why they are still in the race).

If Bush was serious about justice, he would put himself on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. That is what he would do if these things really concerned him. He would drag his friends there with him. Like Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld. He would see to it that they were charged with all the lives that they wasted. He would make sure they received the same punishment as his daddy’s friend, Saddam Hussien.

If Bush was serious about democracy he would let independent nations decide for themselves instead of forcing it upon them. He doesn’t care about democracy, just as his predecessors didn’t care. They care about control.



Documentary about Vietnam War photographers

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You can watch it here.

It is a documentary from History Channel that shows the war from the point of view of the photographers that were there. I really liked it. It also made me sad. The Americans brought death and destruction upon Vietnam then just like they are bringing death and destruction upon Iraq now. And if Bush and his fellow criminals have their way, they will soon bring death and destruction upon Iran. And Syria. Is there ever going to be and end to this madness?

When the Nazi regime in Germany committed horrible crimes against humanity, Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and others didn’t seem to ever stop and think about what they were doing. This seemed so convinced of their own superiority. The same goes for the Bush administration of today. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and others have never showed any sign of regret about the human cost of this damn war in Iraq. People are dying daily, and those who live do so in misery. Yet the Bush administration is upbeat and talking about success. What is the difference between the Nazis of the 1930s and the Bush administration of today? Is there a difference?

If you watch the documentary, notice the quality of the pictures taken by the Vietnamese photographers, although they didn’t have access to good cameras and other equipment.

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