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Is it for freedom?

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If you watch Democracy Now, you will no doubt have heard this wonderful song by Sara Thomsen, called Is it for Freedom?

Note that the YouTube video I linked to contains some rather disturbing images. I think you should watch them while you listen to this song. You really need to watch them. You really need to see what bringing democracy to Iraq looks like. You need to see what exists behind all the propaganda you hear from the criminals who started this whole mess.

Now I have an extremely varied taste in music. Some would say that I have a weird taste, which I shall not deny. But Sara Thomsen represents the kind of quality music that could get me to put an end to my long-standing refusal to support the music industry. I have not bought a single music CD or video since the early 1990s.

You can find out more about Sara Thomsen at her website.



YouTube: bringing back the 80’s

The 70’s taught me to walk, talk and all that. But the 80’s introduced me to alcohol, sex and cannabis. And the beginning of a long conflict with my family that hasn’t ended yet. It was also a time of music. Everything about the 80’s was music.

Thanks to YouTube us old metal heads can relive some of those special moments. Here’s a small selection (in no particular order):

W.A.S.P – Sleeping in the Fire
Damn I used to love this song. And it’s still good.

Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
A recent live recording of an awesome song by an awesome band. And never forget, Rob Halford is heavy metal.

Quiet Riot – Thunderbird
Another really great ballad. This was originally written as a tribute Randy Rhodes, but is a great tribute to Kevin DuBrow as well. Rest in peace!

Dio – Rock ‘n Roll Children
The great great great great grand-daddy of metal, Ronnie James Dio. He’s about 180 years old now, but still going strong.

Slayer – Necrophiliac
The gods of thrash metal. They always have been and always will be. There never was “the big four”, only Slayer. Anybody who disagrees has been having butt sex with Dave Mustaine.

Paul Di’Anno – Running Free
I know, this is a much more recent recording. But, Paul Di’Anno was the real singer of Maiden. And he sings this song way better than Bruce Dickinson ever could.

This is obviously just a small selection of all the goodies. Search YouTube for your own favorites. I’m sure you’ll find them there.



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Most Metal bands suck donkey’s cock these days. But there is one band I really do like: Demiricous. No wonder Kerry King thinks they’re a good band. You can really hear the Slayer influence in their music.

You can get an idea of what they sound like by listenting to Vagrant Idol taken of their debut album, One (Hellbound). So much better than listening to that sad old cunt Dave Mustaine giving himself a blow job.

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